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Hi, my name is Alfredo and photography is my passion!

I came into photography fairly late in my life when I started my  journey in January 2011 when I purchased my first DSLR camera.  I instantly became obsessed with the singular pursuit of documenting the world around  me.  Photography allowed me to see the world with a different perspective, perhaps from the perspective of a child exploring a new world.  It taught me to slow down, to see the beauty all around us, and to share a bit of myself through my lens .  To me, photography is the perfect medium to express my creativity, to see the world in a new light,  and to challenge myself in capturing the world around me in a unique way. 

I am primarily a landscape and urban photographer but also shoot portraits.  I continue to push myself each day to shoot and to refine my skills as a photographer.  There are many locations that I still need to reach and explore.  My goal for the future is to travel more and to hopefully inspire others with my photography.

I hope to make photography my living someday.  Until then, you will find me working as an IT professional in San Antonio, Tx.  My wife and I moved recently after living in Houston for many years.  We were recently blessed with our first child which is an incredible dream come true for us.  I have enjoyed every moment being a dad.  I will continue to document my son's life through my photography and hope one day, he too will have a passion for photography. 

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